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Tube Bending Industries Served

Since Triad first began in 1978, we have been an industry leader in providing tube bending services, tubular components, tube coils, and tube assemblies for many industries. Our decades of experience have prepared us to meet the demands of most jobs. Over the years, we have been privileged to serve a wide range of industries with our high-quality tube bending capabilities. All our quality standards comply with Mil I 54208A. We work with you to find the best bent tubing components, services, and material options for your unique application.

oem tube bending

OEM Tube Bending

We specialize in small to medium production runs, ranging from the hundreds to the thousands, to support OEMs from any industry. While many OEMs have the in-house manufacturing capabilities required by their application, we understand that most do not. We work directly from a PDF files to ensure your custom parts and assemblies fit your specifications. You know what you need to make your product work, and we’ll create your custom solution.

Tube Bending for Gas & Fluid Transfer

Tube Bending for Gas & Fluid Transfer

No matter your application, transferring gas and fluid requires precision tube bending that features end threading, soldering, brazing, or other machining. Since our founding, Triad has been a premier provider of specialty tube bending services and products for industries requiring gas and fluid transfer. Our value-added secondary operations allow us to save you time and money on gas and fluid transfer components and ready-to-use assemblies.

electrical tube bending product

Electrical Tube Bending Applications

Metal wiring conduits and raceways are critical components in any electrical application. We manufacture these electrical parts for all types of OEM equipment. We offer many services along with our precision tube bending, such as fabrication, assembly, and more. Triad’s expert staff is here to create the custom electrical conduit or raceway that exactly matches your design. Our turnkey service will guide you through every step of the process.

tube bending for recreational products

Tube Bending for Recreational Products

From camping gear to bike accessories and beyond, most recreational products use bent tubing or tubular components. Triad will deliver precisely what you need when you need it. We work with your designs to meet your specifications and produce a custom component for any recreational application. We perform a wide range of services in-house, including plating, tube threading, painting and powder coating, hole punching, machining, and more.

American-Made Tubular Components & Tube Bending Services for Any Industry

Triad is your single source for any tube bending application. Our Kanban inventory management and Just-in-Time delivery capabilities help us get you the components you need when they’re needed. We partner with you through design, production, assembly, and final packaging.

Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how our services can help with tube bending applications in your industry.