Custom Tube Threading for Industrial Applications

May 24, 2023

Accurate, effective tube threading is imperative to form secure connections between components to prevent damage to components in electrical circuits. For over 45 years, Triad has been a leading provider of straight tube threading for multiple industries. We offer tube threading for a variety of metal tubing materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and more with end configurations available. Whether you’re looking for custom tube threading capabilities or cut-to-length threaded tubing, our team of experts works to produce the quality custom fixtures and conduits required for your application.

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Tube Threading for Multiple Applications

Decorative Light Fixtures

The threading on decorative lighting tubular components are easy to customize and are available in most standard sizes. We can thread your fixture tubing to any legnth, pitch, internal or external. We can also create high quality, seamless threaded lamp pipes to form secure connections between components.

Electrical Conduits

Electrical conduits offer protection for electrical wiring applications and can ensure circuits are protected to meet UL requirements. Our skilled machinists can create threads in varying lengths to accommodate your existing electrical wiring and components. Conduits can be threaded to ensure compatibility with conduit boxes, couplings, locknuts and bushes. We have experience threading tubing and ridged pipe in multiple materials for a variety of industries.

Fire Sprinkles & More

Our machinists understand the imperative for fire sprinkler pipe fittings to maintain good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. We have experience threading mission-critical tubing components for fire sprinklers and other highly regulated applications that require compliance with stringent industry standards.

Custom Straight Tube Threading for Any Industry

With secondary operations and finishing services, including tubular assemblies and Brazing & Hard Silver Soldering, your custom tubing components can become a reality with Triad. We have the manufacturing capabilities to produce custom light fixtures, electrical conduits and other decorative pieces made from different finished metals.

Triad has both industry expertise and 45 years of experience working with our customers to provide custom tube bending solutions. Learn why leading OEMs rely on Triad to consistently produce results. View photos of our fabrication and secondary services below:

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Copper tubing

Examples of different length and diameter copper tubing, threaded both pre and post bending.