Challenges of Tube Bending Custom Lighting Fixtures

December 27, 2022Brass Tubing Lighting Fixture

Tube bending is a frequent process in lighting fixture assembly. Whether you’re looking at stainless steel or brass, you can encounter many challenges when custom bending metal. Maybe you don’t have the capacity to complete your project in-house, or you’re looking at a tight deadline or want to reduce expenses, or maybe the task just falls outside of your expertise. Whatever your situation or circumstances, we can help you solve any lighting tube bending challenges.

Challenges of Metal Bending Complex Designs

There are several challenges OEMs face when beginning the metal bending process. As lighting tube bending designs grow more complex, the number of problems increases.

With complex designs, how to avoid damaging the material used is always a challenge when tube bending for lighting fixtures. Determining how to support large, heavy lighting fixtures while simultaneously protecting internal wires is also a challenge that the OEM should consider. Once a design has been finalized, the next challenge is repeatedly producing multiple exact components if you’re manufacturing more than one lighting fixture.

Coming up with solutions for these complex metal bending challenges will help ensure a quality end result for your custom lighting tube bending application.

Triad’s Solution to Complex Lighting Tubing Bending

Triad specializes in bending custom lighting tubing for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the electrical industry. Offering various tube bending capabilities, secondary operations, and consulting, Triad’s experienced engineers can offer design input to increase the efficiency of both components and assemblies.

At Triad Products Corp., we understand that our clients are looking to reduce expenses and meet tight deadlines. Our team spends time learning your application and custom tube bending needs to help determine the best custom solution.

If you don’t have the time, equipment, workforce, expertise, or resources necessary to complete commercial metal bending projects internally, Triad can work with you to address the challenges you’re facing.

Triad Bends Different Shapes from Very Simple to Complex

With over 40 years of experience, Triad can bend a wide variety of shapes from many different materials. If your lighting assembly design features complex metal bending, turn to Triad for your custom lighting tube bending needs.

Check out Triad’s bent tubing photo gallery to see our wide range of custom metal bending projects.

Custom Metal Bending Materials

Triad works with a variety of metals and materials for any application. Whatever your lighting fixture is made of, Triad specializes in custom lighting tube bending of the following materials:

Choose Triad & Work with our Experienced Engineers Today

Triad works with OEMs across various industries. If you need lighting tubes bent for your assembly, choose Triad for quality and experience. We can consistently meet your custom metal bending needs.

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