Expanding Possibilities with Custom Aluminum Tube Bending

August 15, 2023

Aluminum alloys are extremely common for tube bending applications. With various features and benefits for OEMs, custom aluminum tubing provides superior results for a variety of industries through innovative solutions. Aluminum expands design capabilities and allows ideas to become successful realities.

Triad is an expert manufacturer of custom aluminum tube bending. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you with all aluminum tubing needs. Contact us today to get started.

Aluminum Tube Bending Features

Aluminum is a reliable metal commonly used in tube bending for custom industrial applications.

  • Formability. Aluminum is a soft metal, allowing it to be formed into tight radii or with multiple bends. Aluminum allows for creative freedom and easy bending. As a soft alloy, aluminum tubing can be bent using different methods, including rotary and compression bending.

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio. Aluminum has high formability while retaining its strength, a unique combination in metal alloys. Typically, harder metals are stronger than softer metals. Aluminum is both soft and strong, making it an ideal tubing choice for industrial applications.

  • Corrosion Protection. When aluminum comes into contact with oxygen, the surface layer of the material oxidizes. This corrosion-resistant protective layer insulates aluminum against harmful elements and chemicals. This is especially beneficial in applications with consistent chemical contact.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Tubing

The benefits of aluminum tube bending make aluminum a popular choice among OEMs.

Unique Configurations

Aluminum’s formability allows it to create specific shapes and contours. For industrial settings, aluminum is a popular choice, as the precise bending requirements are easily achieved. Aluminum can be bent to virtually any configuration and fit into any industrial environment.

Overcome Design Limitations

Custom aluminum tube bending can overcome restrictive design constraints. Attaching tubing through welding or with joints, which can cause fragility or leakage, is no longer necessary. Aluminum tubing can be bent to any specifications without sacrificing the composition of the tube or the design requirements.

Cost Effective

Because aluminum has a low density, it is exceptionally lightweight. As such, aluminum is highly cost-effective. Aluminum is a reliable and affordable form of tubing: a light and bendable yet sturdy alloy designed to withstand harsh or intense application environments.


Working with manufacturing partners like Triad ensures that your aluminum tubing is completely customized to your exact specifications. Our years of experience and dedication to the craft allow your design ideas to transform from concepts into reality. Custom aluminum tube bending with Triad will lead to project success.

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Large Aluminum Cooling Coil

Large Aluminum Cooling Coil.

This 12” in diameter cooling coil, is made out of 3/8” aluminum tubing, 32” long. Uniquely configured to facilitate the ultimate cooling rate, the rate of the coil changes midway through the coil, from a pitch of one coil every inch, to one coil every 2 inches.