Complete Cooling Coil Assembly

January 3, 2023

The Problem We Were Faced With

We were tasked with manufacturing a copper cooling coil for a client’s sensitive electronic device. Cooling coils are often used in many OEM devices, and we appreciated the opportunity to showcase our tubular part assembly capabilities at Triad Products Corp. Here’s what we needed to provide when manufacturing a copper cooling coil:

  • Custom bending of cooling coil
  • Protection for sensitive electronic device
  • Turnkey bending and assembly
  • Finished product ready for installation
  • Built on time, on budget and in lots of 500 - 1000

How We Solved It

Triad Products Corp. has the capabilities to deliver complete, ready-to-use cooling coil assemblies. Every project is custom to each customer’s application. We work with you to ensure more efficient production at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or performance.

Cooling Coil Assembly Process


While copper is ideal for cooling coil assemblies, there are several other materials that can be considered. Triad offers multiple pipe and tube bending methods. The manufacturing processes used for this copper cooling coil project include:

  • Precision bending copper tubing to specifications
  • Soldering on copper connection fittings
  • Installing plastic supply lines

Copper Cooling Coil Parts

This complete copper cooling coil assembly included multiple different parts:

  • 1/8” copper tube coiled in a 2” square
  • Copper connection fittings
  • Plastic supply line tubing

Assembly of Copper Coils

We combined all components into a complete cooling coil assembly. Triad’s turnkey secondary capabilities included expanding the tubing ends, in order to allow for the precision assembly of its connection fittings and plastic tubing.

Conclusion: The End Result

Triad Products Corp. bent, manufactured and assembled a new copper cooling coil customized to our client’s requirements. An effective custom solution that protected their sensitive electronic device.

Through our full-service tubular part manufacturing and assembly capabilities, we gave the customer a finished product that was 100% ready for installation!

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cooling coil assembly

This square copper coil assembly is used in OEM devices. 1/8” copper tube is cut, bent & coiled in a 2” square, then tubing ends are expanded to fit a nipple end configuration.