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Custom Heating Coils, Lines & Loops

Custom Bent, Fabricated & Assembled to Your Specs


Tubular heating coils and coiled heating elements are frequently used in industrial and commercial equipment, machinery, and HVAC systems to heat liquids, solids, and gases via conduction, convection, or radiant heating. They can reach extremely high temperatures, often very quickly.

Because they are easily customizable to fit an almost infinite array of shapes and configurations, tubular heating coils and heating lines are extremely versatile. Numerous features of tubular heating coils and heating elements can be custom-tailored to the job at hand, from the diameter of the tubing to the number of loops in the coil to the overall shape. Heating coils are usually more or less circular/cylindrical, but can also be coiled squares, rectangles, or nearly any other configuration; heat lines and loops can be bent into any form the application requires.


Experts in Custom Tubular Heating Coils & Heating Elements

Triad Products Corp. is a full-service fabricator of custom tubular heating elements. We specialize in bending, fabricating, and assembling heating coils, heating lines, and heating loops, and have provided bent-tube heating elements for OEMs in numerous industries. We deliver custom solutions that match our customers’ exact specifications.

We can create the custom heating elements you need using copper, aluminum, steel, or stainless-steel tubing, depending on your design and performance requirements. Copper is usually the preferred material for these devices, thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity and lightweight; however, we will gladly work with whatever material you specify.

Tube Bending, Fabrication & More

At Triad, we do more than just bend tubing—we also provide fabrication and assembly services to give you complete, ready-to-use heating coils, lines, and loops. We can join tubes of similar or dissimilar materials via soldering or welding, attach fittings and mounting hardware, add threading to tubes post-bending, and more. We are the single-source provider you need for complete custom heating elements.

Medium runs with quantities of 100s or 1,000s of pieces are our specialty. Our facility complies with MIL-Spec and a variety of other applicable industry standards.


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Triad Products specialize in medium runs in quantities of 100s to 1,000s. Our facility complies with various Mil-Spec Standards, making our coils ideal as components used in the Gas, Industrial OEM, and Water Industries. To learn more about our custom cooling coils, contact us or request a quote today.