Tube Bending for Lighting Fixtures

Custom Lighting Fixtures Bent to Your Specifications

When it comes to tube bending for custom decorative light fixtures, Triad Products Corp. is your best solution. We know what it takes to create fully customized bent tube components and are proud to offer personalized tube bending for custom lighting fixtures. At Triad, we understand the challenges of precision tube bending, and we rely on over 45 years of tube bending experience to help us manufacture high-quality light fixtures that last.

Working directly with you, we provide custom tube bending services to craft your perfect light fixture. Each lighting fixture project is unique, and we provide a range of services to fulfill every demand. We can work with you to create a new light fixture or match any custom design. Our lighting fixture services include:

From hanging lamps to floor lamps and more, Triad can bend the best custom lighting fixture for you.

Materials for Custom Lighting Fixture Fabrication

While we can create custom lighting fixtures from many materials, brass tubing is often chosen for its durability and aesthetic reflective finish. Brass has high electrical conductivity and is easily bendable, making it an excellent choice for lighting fixtures of even the most complex designs. Additionally, we can bend custom lighting fixtures using:

Custom Lighting Fixtures for Your Needs

Triad has used tube bending to fulfill custom orders for over 45 years. While there can be unique challenges of tube bending custom lighting fixtures, our developed bending processes help us create solutions that work for you. We can bend any tube length to exact specifications, manufacturing custom lighting fixtures and decorative pieces designed for your needs.

We can work directly with your design files to ensure we meet all your standards for custom lighting fixtures. Using a Kanban system for inventory control, we ensure you get your JIT shipments when you need them. We specialize in production runs ranging from 100s to 1,000s. Our industry expertise and years of experience make us your trusted OEM manufacturer for all tube bending requirements and related services.

Contact Triad for Custom Tube Bending for Lighting Fixtures

Since 1978, Triad has been a reliable source for tube bending services and custom manufacturing. We provide start-to-finish tube bending services, acting as your single-source supplier for custom tube bending products. From designing, engineering, and prototyping to manufacturing and assembly, we guide you through every step of your project. With emphasis on small to medium production runs ranging from 100s to 1,000s, you can find everything you need for your custom lighting fixtures project with Triad. Request a quote or contact us to speak with a team member today.

Different lengths of brass tubing each with a  different set of radias bends and threading.

Different lengths of brass tubing each with a different set of radius bends and threading.

An example of a candelabra chandelier using A number of different length tubing and radius bends.

An example of a candelabra chandelier using several different lengths of tubing and radius bends.

Custom bent brass tubes showing threading and different radii bends on a variety on lengths

Examples of internal and external threading, to any length, before or after bending.