Signs Your OEM Business Needs a New Copper Tube Bending Partner

February 1, 2024

OEM businesses utilize custom tube bending services for a vast range of projects. The best tube supplier for you will prioritize your needs and employ tube bending capabilities to create precisely what you need. However, choosing a custom pipe supplier can be difficult. With many providers offering their bending services, finding the best solution for your needs requires an understanding of excellent business practices as well as which to avoid. Read below to learn about the signs that you need a new tube supplier and what to look for when choosing.

Tailoring Copper Tube Bending Solutions to OEM Specifications

February 1, 2024

As a formable yet durable metal, copper is a highly demanded alloy for industrial tubing applications. From basic bends to complex designs, custom copper tubing provides solutions for OEM projects across all industries. It is essential to find a tube bending supplier that understands the behavior of copper tubing and how to provide you with the best solution. The right tube bending partner can configure and bend copper tubing into virtually endless geometries to satisfy a range of OEM specifications.

Copper Tube Bending Considerations

February 1, 2024

Copper is a formable metal with excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. Despite being easily moldable, copper is also remarkably durable and malleable, making it highly desirable for tube and pipe applications. Custom copper tube bending forms tubes into precise geometries for specific uses in numerous industries. Precision tube bending for OEM projects provides excellent solutions across a variety of trades. From operational challenges to various bending methods, understanding all aspects of copper tube bending is crucial for project success.

How Triad Bends Copper Tubing

February 4, 2022

Copper, as a tubing material, offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, making it a preferred choice for a wide variety of applications, including residential and commercial plumping, refrigeration and supply lines, cooling components for lasers, laboratory testing equipment, and more. While copper is known for its formability, it is very difficult to bend without it kinking or collapsing. As such, in order to achieve your desired result, custom copper tube bending often requires extreme caution and access to the proper tools or machinery.