Bent and Assembled Custom Tubular Handle

Tubular Steel Handle December 27, 2022

Triad not only bends metal tubing but fully assembles your product!

The Problem

Our customer requested a tubular steel handle that attaches to their equipment and folds 180° for easy storage. Their current design was expensive and was not working properly. There were several challenges that needed to be solved with their new tubular handle:

  • How to attach the handle to the device
  • How to create a hinge for the handle
  • Ideally find 1 turnkey vender, that could both bend the tube and assemble the handle

Triad’s Custom Solution

With years of bending and assembling a wide range of industrial products, Triad Products was able to offer some innovative ideas to improve the folding hinge and within the manufacturing process. Triad handled a complete redesign, bending of tubing, andassembly for this customer, creating a custom tubular handle for their application.

Their tubular handle solution included the following:

  • Reduced customer manufacturing costs
  • Custom handle redesign
  • Convenient foldaway handle for easy storage

Tube Bending Process & Services

Manufacturing the Tubular Handle

In order to begin the bent tubular handle manufacturing process, it’s important to first make some key decisions. Are you looking for welded (seams) or extruded (seamless)? What materials do you want to work with? Triad offers multiple custom pipe and tube bending methods and manufacturing processes:
  • Rotary Draw Bending
  • Ram Bending
  • Compression Bending
  • Roll Bending

Our expert team works with you throughout the manufacturing process, starting with your application and specifications. Learn more about custom tube & pipe bending services at Triad Products Corp.

Custom Tubular Handle Parts

This custom tubular assembly required several different parts:

  • Custom-bent 7/8” steel tubing for handle
  • 3/8” steel axle for hinge
  • 12-gauge sheet metal brackets for attaching handle to device
  • Plastic injection molded Camlock component for securing handle when both open & closed

Tubular Assembly

Triad provided the customer with turnkey assembly of all the various components. From a total redesign to bending and fabrication to assembly, our client trusted us to supply a quality end product. Triad Products Corp. is proud to be the single-source manufacturer and supplier for our customers. We offer complete tube bending fabrication and assembly capabilities, with secondary services in-house.

Conclusion: The Results

We developed a new tubular steel handle design customized to our customer’s needs. We were able to accommodate all the client’s requests. Triad improved on a solution that included a 180° foldaway handle allowing for easy storage and a plastic injection molded Camlock component to secure the handle in both its open and closed positions.

This custom tube handle redesign, tube bending and assembly process ultimately reduced the client’s manufacturing costs!

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