Tailoring Copper Tube Bending Solutions to OEM Specifications

As a formable yet durable metal, copper is a highly demanded alloy for industrial tubing applications. From basic bends to complex designs, custom copper tubing provides solutions for OEM projects across all industries. It is essential to find a tube bending supplier that understands the behavior of copper tubing and how to provide you with the best solution. The right tube bending partner can configure and bend copper tubing into virtually endless geometries to satisfy a range of OEM specifications.

At Triad, our tubing experts work directly with you to understand all your needs and utilize our bending technology to create custom copper tubing. Contact us today for more information about customization and tube bending services. Find the reliable partner you need for custom tube bending with Triad.

Custom Bent Copper Tube Design Flexibility for OEM Requirements

Copper is a highly flexible metal alloy, beneficial for creating complex tube designs. Although easily moldable, copper is also durable and can withstand stressful environments. Copper tubing provides excellent conductivity for heat and electricity. With a naturally formed oxide protection layer, copper is highly resistant to corrosion or abrasion.

These characteristics make copper highly desired for many industrial applications. Custom copper tube bending combines durability with design freedom, expanding project opportunities for OEM requirements. With an experienced tube bending partner like Triad, copper tubing can be custom-bent to fulfill even the most unique OEM specifications.

Custom Copper Tubing Bending Options

The moldability of copper and its ability to be bent to extreme customizations means your tubing supplier must provide an extensive scope of operational capabilities and services. Triad proudly provides copper tubing in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/8” up to 2-1/2”. We offer a full range of copper tubing in various grades, ensuring you get the best tubing for your application, including air condition grade tubing and 122 refrigerator grade.

Numerous size options and configurations indicate that a tube bending supplier can tailor their copper tube bending services to suit individual OEM requirements and specifications. Talk to a representative today and learn what Triad’s custom tube bending services can achieve for you.

Superior Partnership & Understanding of Custom Tube Bending

When choosing a tube bending provider, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than the best. Look for partners that utilize a full range of bending technology and provide many tubing options. Knowledgeable tubing experts ensure your orders are crafted at the highest quality and meet or exceed your expectations.

Triad is a leading provider of superior tube bending services. Our team members are well-trained in utilizing our bending equipment and understanding different metal tubing to help you determine the right course of action. We pride ourselves on our commitment to a communicative and supportive relationship between OEM and provider. Our custom tube bending capabilities are designed to fulfill all OEM specifications to ensure project success for everyone involved.

Choose Triad for Custom Copper Tube Bending Services

Triad has been supplying bent metal tubing for over 45 years. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities include standard and custom bending services as well as secondary services such as threading and soldering, ensuring you are equipped with everything your OEM project needs to succeed. We create medium production runs from 100 to 1,000 and are proud to be your one-stop shop for all custom tube bending operations.

Contact us for more information about copper tube bending and additional services, or request a quote to place your custom order today.