How Custom Aluminum Tube Bending Elevates OEM Products

August 15, 2023

Ensuring quality and consistency throughout the completion of the tube bending manufacturing process can have a significant impact on the resulting product. Choosing the appropriate metal for your project and trusting Triad with tube bending are two critical steps you can take to ensure your OEM products are crafted to perfection.

Triad understands the importance of precision tube bending. Contact us today for assistance with your custom aluminum tube bending project needs.

Quality: It Matters!

Choosing a material for custom tube bending for OEM products can make a large difference in the quality of the resulting part. Different metals have various attributes that make them ideal for varying scenarios. Triad is proud to bend a full range of metal tubing, including aluminum in grades 6061, 6063, and 3003. These aluminum alloys offer a range of advantages, including:

  • Light weight
  • High strength-to-weight ration
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low heat capacity
  • Excellent weldability
  • Extrudability
  • Ease of bending

Choosing the correct material can mean the difference between high- or low-quality tube bending.

High-Quality Tube Bending

High-quality bending ensures your tubing products will function without fail. The benefits of high-quality aluminum tube bending include:

  • Precision bends
  • Protected integrity of the tube
  • Less wasted material
  • Product longevity

Low-Quality Tube Bending

Bending low-quality materials can lead to negative results and products. Choosing high-quality materials like aluminum or steel can help avoid:

  • Poor-quality bends
  • Tube breakage or fractures
  • Excess scrap material
  • Failure during product use

Triad Uses Different Bending Methods for Economical Custom Aluminum Tube Bending

Triad is committed to providing custom bent tubing of the highest caliber. By offering various bending methods – including rotary draw, ram, and others – we can choose the most economical bending method to produce optimum results. Combined with our secondary operations and sub-assemblies, Triad can manufacture complex designs to match your exact specifications, specializing in production runs ranging from 100-1000.

Triad is Committed to Excellence

We at Triad are proud of our commitment to meeting and exceeding industry standards and certifications. Our quality control follows mil-spec and ISO standards, and our innovative machines have been issued US Patents on assembly designs. Our engineering department is fully prepared to assist you with your next project and transform your ideas from a concept to a finished component.

Choose Triad For Your Custom OEM Bent Tubing Products

With our high-quality bending equipment, selection of aluminum alloys, and years of experience in the field, Triad is a proud supplier of custom aluminum bent tube products to OEMs. We specialize in medium production runs of 100-1000. Our high-value products at low costs and our commitment to excellence ensure you receive the highest quality service.

We look forward to helping you with all bent tubing requirements. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you with any questions. Contact us or request a quote today to get started!


Bending Aluminum Tubing for Propane and Natural Gas Lines.

Bending Aluminum Tubing for Propane and Natural Gas Lines.

A combination of corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity makes aluminum tube bending a popular choice for fireplaces, ovens, and other appliances.