Metal Electrical Conduits vs. Electrical Raceways

January 3, 2023Electrical conduit

The terms electrical raceway and electrical conduit are often used interchangeably amongst electricians and OEMs. However, do you know the differences between the two?

Before deciding what business to partner with for your electrical fabrication needs, it’s important to determine whether you need a cable raceway, metal conduit, or wireway. This blog will address the key differences so you are set up for success and can make the right decision for your application.

What is Electrical Conduit?

Electrical conduit is a type of electric raceway used to protect wires and cables. Generally consisting of a pipe or tube, the conduit can be bent and fabricated for a custom fit, or multiple pieces can be joined together. Metal electrical conduit is also helpful for organizing and directing wires. It’s important to enclose wires in high-traffic areas or protect wires from exposure to the elements.

Metal conduit helps to keep electrical wire organized and out of the way. Electrical conduit can be run through the ceiling, walls, or even the floor, depending on your needs. Once wire is enclosed in conduit, it’s often a permanent solution for wire protection, and it’s hard to access wiring once installed. Electricians appreciate metal conduit because it increases the ease of running wire.

Electrical conduit is used in many applications, including residential, commercial, construction, and more:

  • Furnaces
  • Outdoor light fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Floor or ceiling lamps

What is an Electrical Raceway?

Electrical raceway systems indicate an enclosed wiring method that includes both tubing and conduit. Electrical raceway houses wire and is more flexible than conduit for a wider range of uses. Easier to install than metal conduit, wireways and cable raceways also allow for easier access to wiring after installation.

Raceway comes in a variety of materials depending on your application, from decorative to high temperatures. Electrical raceways also have different appearances for all your wiring management needs, from a box to a gutter.

Different Cable Raceway Uses

Electricians and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) use electrical raceways every day. This versatile wire management solution is used for many different industries and applications, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Outdoors (external & variable weather conditions)

What are the Different Kinds of Raceways?

There are different types of raceways, including wireways, PVC, FMC, and more. Some of the most common electrical raceway system options are summarized below:

Latching Raceways

One of the most used raceways, latching raceways are used for enclosing new wiring in residential and office applications.

Non-Metal or PVC Raceway System

PVC or non-metallic raceways are typically used underground or in residential settings. This raceway does not conduct electricity and is water-resistant for heavy-duty applications where they may be exposed to weather and other elements.

Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC) Raceways

If your wiring changes directions, curves, or turns, flexible metal conduit is versatile and easy to maneuver. Ideal for applications that encounter vibration, FMC raceway protects wires from movement. Unfortunately, flexible metal conduit raceways aren’t compatible with applications involving corrosion.

Galvanized Steel Raceway System

Galvanized steel raceways is the most popular wiring management choice for industrial and commercial applications due to its high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Importance of Quality Electrical Conduits & Raceways

Quality raceways and electrical conduits are essential for many industries and applications. For housing wires and keeping people from tripping and other safety reasons to organizing and protecting wires from extreme weather conditions and other factors, finding the proper cable raceway or metal electrical conduit is important for your success.

Custom raceway systems and metal conduits are popular options. Guaranteeing the proper fit and right look for an industrial, commercial, or residential setting are important factors that make OEMs and electricians consider custom tubular wiring conduit. However, it’s important to select a skilled and experienced company that specializes in custom metal electrical raceways.

Triad Products Corp offers custom tube bending services for your electrical raceway & metal conduit fabrication needs. Give us a call at 425-514-8363 to discuss custom tube bending for your electrical application today.

Partner with Triad for Cable Raceway & Metal Electrical Conduit

Triad Products Corp. has supported the electrical industry with custom tubular wiring conduits for 45 years. We offer turnkey services from design and engineering to fabrication and assembly, helping you every step of the way. Many of our OEM customers choose Triad because of our multiple manufacturing capabilities, value-added services, and versatility when working with different materials. We produce custom metal electrical conduits and raceways to meet our clients’ exact specifications, producing mid-size runs with quantities in the hundreds or thousands.

If you need cable raceways or metal electrical conduits for your application, partner with Triad Products Corp. Triad offers custom tube bending services for your electrical conduit and wireway fabrication needs. Contact us today or request a quote to get started on your custom electrical raceway project.