Challenges of Manufacturing Metal Tubular Assemblies

October 7, 2022

There are many challenges to consider when manufacturing metal tubular assemblies. That’s why you need to trust the experts in turnkey tubular manufacturing. Triad Products has 30 years of experience manufacturing all types of metal assemblies. We are qualified to complete the manufacturing assembly process for you, so they can save you time and the hassle of a complicated process.

You may be looking for solutions to challenges faced when manufacturing bent tubular assemblies. We’ll help you understand the full process and feel confident in trusting Triad Products to complete your project.

Solving Tube Bending Problems

Triad Products offers turnkey manufacturing of bent tubular assemblies, so we’re able to handle the unique designs our customers require. The challenges typically faced include spring-back, damaged tooling, and managing cost. Often, we’re creating bends using hard-to-work-with materials, like stainless steel and other popular alloys that can be difficult to bend. So how does Triad combat these issues?

How Does Triad Accommodate Spring-back?

Spring-back occurs after the metal is bent, where the material will try to return to its original shape. Spring-back opens bends in the material, so the diameter must be held until the desired rotation degree is met. Triad Products has over 40 years of experience, so our team knows the art to overbend and how to compensate for spring-back.

How Does Triad Maintain Tool & Avoid Damaged Tooling?

Triad Products is a small-medium volume manufacturer that uses manual tube bending equipment. We regularly service our tools as needed to stretch product life, and Triad utilizes custom tube bending techniques to maintain the quality of the tool. These bending services include:

How Do We Manage the Cost of Custom Tube Assemblies?

Managing cost is an important factor to consider when beginning a project or considering working with a new manufacturer. Triad Products has a consultative approach to tube bending solutions.

When we start a project, we review the assembly, material used, and blueprints with the client. With over 40 years of experience, we often have suggestions to improve the design or material used, with the goal of decreasing costs.

Materials Used for Custom Tube Assemblies

While we know what materials are easiest to work with, our customers need a variety of materials depending upon their application. We use a wide variety of metals and other materials for our clients’ tube bending needs:

Tube Bending Solutions

Triad Products has over 40 years of experience manufacturing tubular assemblies. We provide the full range of tubular bending, specializing in medium runs. Triad’s turnkey operations mean that we offer secondary operations for your unique project. We’re the single-source supplier you need for your next tube bending project. Our team of experts can help to answer the questions you have regarding your custom tube assembly:

  • What’s the best way to bend a tube?
  • What sort of tooling will be necessary?
  • Will the fixture deliver the expected tolerances?

Contact the Experts in Turnkey Tube Fabrication

Triad has specialized in tube bending services since 1978. Contact us to discuss custom tube bending solutions for your OEM application. Request a quote to begin working with Triad on your complex tubular assembly project today.