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6061 Aluminum Tube Bending

Commonly used for equipment and machine components, 6061 aluminum provides the high-strength and corrosion resistance needed for a wide variety of applications. From structural frames for bicycles to couplings and valves, 6061 aluminum is a versatile alloy with lightweight properties that make it ideal for your next tube bending project. 

As a single-source custom tube bending supplier, Triad can fabricate 6061 aluminum tube for your OEM components and other tube bending projects. We specialize in tube bending medium tube bending production runs of 100 to 1,000 units.

Aluminum 6061 Tubing Properties

6061 aluminum properties that make it an ideal metal choice for custom tube bending include:

  • High-tensile strength
  • Heat treatable
  • Weldable
  • Corrosion resistant

Differences between 6061 Aluminum and 6063 Aluminum

While both 6061 and 6063 aluminum share many of the same properties including corrosion resistance and good strength, their differences can determine which alloy grade is best suited for your custom tubing needs.

  • 6061 aluminum provides a high tensile strength
  • 6063 aluminum provides a medium tensile strength, making it more formable


Application uses for Custom 6061 Aluminum Tubing

6061 aluminum tubing is ideal for applications, including:

  • Automotive components
  • Industrial machinery parts
  • Consumer goods and appliances
  • Structural components

Custom Aluminum 6061 Tube Bending with Triad

Triad also provides secondary and finishing services, including machining, finishing, sheet metal fabrication and more.  

Our quality standards comply with MIL-I 45208A. Kanban programs are also available upon request.

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