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Large Custom Coils

Uniquely Bent and Fabricated to your Specs


Large Cooling Coils

An example of a large 12” 
in diameter cooling
coil made out of 3/8”
aluminum tubing, 32” long.

As a bender and fabricator of a full range of custom heating and cooling coils, here at Triad Products we also have the capabilities and know how to make those large, one of a kind, uniquely configured cooling coils.

We also have the capabilities to change the rate of the coil midway through the coil. For instance, we can change the repeat of the coil from every 1 inch to every 2 inches, to be able to accommodate your unique cooling application. We can also take care of that secondary operation, whether it includes the flaring of the end of the ¼” OD stainless steel tube for a precision fit or fabricate a custom end configuration, Triad has the solution. Engineering assistance available.

Our equipment can fabricate large coils from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper tubing, specializing in medium volume runs in quantities of 100s to 1,000s. Call us today to see how we can assist you with your large custom cooling and heating coil requirements.

Large Stainless Steel Coils      Large Aluminum Cooling Coil
Large cooling coils using ½” stainless steel
tubing, 18” long. They are comprised of 30
revolutions about 5 ½ “ in diameter.
Secondary operations included.
In this large cooling coil, we
changed the repeat of the
aluminum cooling coil from every 1
inch, to a coil every 2 inches.

To learn more about our large custom coils, contact us or request a quote today.