Tube Bending for Custom Lighting Fixtures

March 29, 2023

For 45 years, Triad customers have relied on custom tube bending services for light fixtures and other decorative pieces. Triad Products Corp. is a trusted OEM manufacturer in tube bending for decorative light fixtures. Whether you’re looking for custom tube bending capabilities or cut-to-length threaded tubing, our team of experts works to produce the quality custom light fixtures you’re looking for. Contact us with any questions regarding custom lighting tube bending.

Custom Tube Bending Process for Decorative Light Fixtures

Triad offers custom tube bending and threading capabilities for your unique lighting fixture needs. Tubing can also be cut to length to match any custom light fixture design.

Our tube bending services and variety of secondary operations produce quality bent tubular components, including custom lighting fixtures. Triad’s capabilities include the fabrication of electrical conduits and raceways for electrical and lighting applications.

Brass Lighting Fixtures & Tube Bending Parts

Brass is commonly used in the manufacturing of lighting fixtures due to its durability and aesthetic reflective appearance. Brass is often selected for use in commercial and residential lighting applications, including floor lamps, hanging lamps, interior light fixtures, and more.

We offer custom threading that can be added to the interior or exterior of your tubing. All tubing is threaded to the exact length you require, which eliminates exposed threads or wasting any excess material. In addition to brass, Triad offers custom bending services for a variety of metal tubing and pipe materials depending on your lighting application.

The End Result: Custom Light Fixtures!

With secondary operations and finishing services, including tubular assemblies, your custom light fixture design can become a reality with Triad. We have the manufacturing capabilities to produce custom light fixtures and other decorative pieces made from different finished metals.

Triad has both industry expertise and 45 years of experience working with our customers to provide custom tube bending solutions. Learn why leading OEMs rely on Triad to consistently produce results.

Connect with Triad to Discuss Your Lighting Tube Bending Needs Today

Since 1978, Triad has been a trusted tubing manufacturer helping customers ensure the right material and tube bending process are chosen for custom lighting applications. Still have questions about lighting tube bending for your project? Contact us to speak with an expert or request a quote to begin working with Triad today.


tube bending lighting fixture

tube bending lighting fixture

Bronze Lighting Fixtures. 
Good examples of decorative bronze tubing that is first 
cut, bent, then threaded, then ready for assembly into a 
beautiful bronze lighting fixture.