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Bent Tubular Assemblies

Custom Tubular Part Assemblies


Whether you need a simple section of bent and threaded tubing, a complex, multi-piece device, or something in between, Triad Products is the single-source supplier you need for bent tubular assemblies. With complete tube bending and fabrication capabilities and in-house secondary services, we provide turnkey manufacturing for custom tubular part assemblies for all industries and applications.


Metal Tubular Products that Match Your Designs

No matter how simple or complicated your design may be, Triad has the capabilities to deliver complete, ready-to-use bent tubular assemblies. We don’t manufacture any “standard” or “off the shelf” products—everything we do is custom to our clients’ applications. The Triad team will work with you to optimize your design for more efficient production and lower cost, without sacrificing performance. We welcome the challenge of manufacturing your most complex tubular products. Contact us to discuss your unique design requirements.

We can fabricate metal tubing and sheet metal materials to match your specifications, thread the tubing as needed, create specialized tube end configurations, drill holes, weld, silver solder or braze components together, provide paint, powder coating or other finishes, install fasteners, and more. Then, we combine all the components into tubular part assemblies that match your exact specifications.


Custom Tubular Part Assemblies for All Applications

For more than 40 years, Triad has been producing bent tubular assemblies for OEMs and other manufacturers across all industries. In every project, we serve our clients by acting as an extension of their own production capabilities—they develop the designs, we deliver tubular part assemblies that match those designs to a T.

A perfect example of our tubular part assembly capabilities is a copper cooling coil for a client’s sensitive electronic device. We precision-bent copper tubing to spec, soldered on copper connection fittings, and installed plastic supply lines, giving the customer a finished product that was 100% ready for installation.

Another example is a tubular steel handle that attaches to the customer’s equipment and folds 180° for easy storage. This assembly required custom-bent, 7/8” steel tubing for the handle, a 3/8” steel axle for the handle to hinge upon, 12-gauge sheet metal brackets for affixing the handle to the device, and a plastic injection molded camlock component for securing the handle in its open or closed position. We redesigned, fabricated, and assembled the product, and ultimately reduced manufacturing costs by roughly 30%.


Contact Us for Turnkey Production of Bent Tubular Assemblies

If you need bent tubular assemblies that match your unique design requirements, look no further. Triad products in the single-source supplier you need for custom tubular part assemblies. Request a quote or contact us today to get started on your project. 





Complete Cooling Coil Assembly

Square Copper Cooling Coil with an End Configuration

1/8" copper tube coiled in a 2" square. Turnkey secondary capabilities include the expanding of the tubing ends, to allow for the precision assembly of it's connection fitting and plastic tubing. Cooling Coils like this are used in many OEM Devices.


Tubular Handle Parts

Folding Tubular Steel Handle parts

Turnkey assembly of all the various components, includes a 7/8" bent and finished steel tube handle, 3/8" steel axle, 12 gauge sheet metal brackets and plastic injection molded hardware.


Fully Assembled Folding Tubular Steel Handle

Folding Tubular Steel Handle

The handle is attached to equipment and folds 180° for easy storage. Triad redesigned, fabricated, and assembled the 180° handle, reducing costs by approximately 30%.