Custom Tube Bending Techniques: Ram Bending

Pipe and Tube Ram Bending Services

December 1, 2020

Pipe and tube ram bending is a simple and cost-effective tube bending technique compatible with square or round tubing. While effective and efficient, this tube bending technique provides less control and has more limitations than other types of tube bending. Pipe and tube ram bending is best suited for projects that do not require a tight tolerance and have a limited number of radiuses.

The process involves using a hydraulically driven ram to push metal tubing against ram rollers or ram pivot block to create a bend.  The tube is bent one section at a time until the desired bend radius and angle are achieved. A specific die is used for each diameter to create a centerline radius (CLR) up to four times the O.D. of the pipe or tubing.

Custom Ram Bent Tubes and Pipes for OEM Applications

Triad specializes in medium-sized runs from hundreds to thousands of parts and provides pipe and tube ram bending services for OEMs across a broad range of industries. We bend pipes and tubes up to 1” diameter. Our highly skilled team has the expertise to handle a wide range of tube bending designs and will review your drawing to determine which tube bending method is best for your project.

We frequently use pipe and tube ram bending to create conduit, handles, and other parts with limited radiuses. View our photo gallery to see examples of pieces produced using ram bending and other tube bending techniques.

Our FAQ section is also a helpful resource for tube bending information and finding answers to our most commonly asked questions.  

Pipe and Tube Ram Bending Material Options

We work with several standard materials to provide custom ram bent tube and pipe that meets your needs. If you are unsure of which material is best for your application, our team is here to help. Tube bending material options include:

Selecting a Tube Bending Process

Which each of the various tube bending techniques provides different benefits, the decision to choose pipe and tube ram bending over another method depend solely on a project design. The variables used to select a tube bending technique include:

  • Outside bend radius
  • Inside bend radius
  • Centerline radius
  • Bend angle
  • Wall thickness
  • Outer tube diameter

In rare instances, a design might require the use of two or more bending techniques to achieve the desired bend radius. We will consider all factors before deciding if pipe and tube ram bending is the best method for your design.

Learn More About Our Custom Ram Bent Tube and Pipe Capabilities

Triad specializes in medium-sized runs for OEM application and has experience working with a variety of tube bending techniques and materials. We also provide end configurations and other secondary services to complete your design. Learn more about our pipe and tube ram bending services or submit your design to receive a project quote.