Cooling Coils

Triad Products Corp specializes in bending & fabricating cooling coils to meet a range needs and applications for OEMs. We offer cooling coils in 4 different materials to meet the exacting specifications of our clients.

Steel Cooling Coils

Our steel cooling coils are used primarily for cooling down the temperature of castings. Each steel cooling coil is made of high quality steel to ensure reliability.

Circular Steel Cooling Coil


  • 1/4" OD Steel Tube Coiled
  • Used to cool down the temperature of castings
  • Re-designed for Customer application

Aluminum Cooling Coils

Aluminum cooling coils provide the ideal cooling solution for a wide range of OEM applications. Our cooling coils are made from the highest quality material.

Circular Aluminum Cooling Coil


  • 3/8" Aluminum Tube Coiled
  • Used in a Cooling Application
  • Specific OEM application

Copper Cooling Coils

Copper provides an ideal solution for cooling in a wide variety of situations due to the fact that it is economical, lightweight, and its thermal conductivity. Copper cooling coils can be used for a large range of applications for OEMs including air conditioning, refrigeration, and even laser cooling. Triad Products Corp specializes in copper cooling coils, lines, and loops to ensure that we can meet the needs of OEMs.

Square Copper Cooling Coils


  • 1/8" Copper Tube Coiled in a 2" square
  • Cooling Coil is used in OEM Devices
  • Tubing Ends are Expanded to Allow for a Precision Fit for an Injection Molded Nipple

Copper Laser Cooling Lines


  • 1/4" & 3/8" Copper Tubing
  • Used in a Laser Cooling Application

Linear Cooling Loop


  • 1/8" Copper Tube
  • Used in the Cooling of an Instrument
  • Triad Assisted in the OEM Design for Manufacturability

Stainless Steel Cooling Coils

Stainless steel cooling coils provide a fantastic solution for OEM cooling solutions. Triad Products Corp is specialized in fabricating and bending stainless steel cooling coils to meet a wide range of industries and applications including temperature control for OEM equipment.

Circular Stainless Steel Cooling Coil


  • 1/4" OD 304 Stainless Steel Tube
  • Stainless Steel Tube bent into a 3" circular coil, 4" in length
  • This SS Cooling Coil is used in the Temperature Control of OEM Equipment